“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

What Dr. Devaiah today is, the fruit of education. The government must have paid one lakh of rupees for his entire education, which he wishes to repay to the society. He wants to reap rich harvest through this scheme of funding the youth of caliber.

Naadam aims to train true leaders from among the marginalized sections and the poor. The lower class people of the society have not really understood the values of educating their children, as they mostly depend on daily wages. Education is no more a burden to the poor people as the governments are providing free education for all. The government doesn’t take care of them once they complete 10+ education.

Likewise, several intelligent students are able perform well and gain ranks for higher education in the premier medical, and engineering colleges across India. This is the time that they need financial support or else they have to forgo better opportunities.

Naadam has realized the need and significance of providing financial support to such students who are capable of inspiring the youth, and transforming their communities.

Hence the founders of Naadam, Drs. Devaiah and Rudramadevi have embraced this task of supporting the intelligent scholars with funds that go to Naadam’s “Revolving Fund”. This charitable deed began with 34 scholars in 2013, and is creeping up every year.

Those scholars that complete their education successfully are able find employment, and settle comfortably. Naadam invites all these scholars every year for an Annual Get-together, and celebrates its joy. “Naadam will have to function for a century without any hassle”, is the desire of its founders. Thus the objective of the organization is fulfilled gloriously.