Employment is another fundamental motto of the 5Es, which is being planned on. The very purpose of educating the marginalized scholars in the renowned medical, and engineering colleges is to help them to study well, and succeed in gaining employment on campus itself. Most of the Naadam scholars are able to find employment in certain companies, and settle to begin with. Especially, our medicos are earning adequately as soon as they take the degree.

Employment is the need of the hour. It quenches the hunger and necessities of the unemployed youth. This fact has been realized by the Naadam Governing Body.

The Founders of Naadam, have established their own business centres both in the United States of America and India. These include both medical assistance as well as software technologies. The Pagidipati family has seven such companies that engage about 5000 employees.

In India, ‘Anion Health Insurance’ is one such, running successfully in Hyderabad, with a branch in Warangal. This company provided employment to about 250 youth that receive handsome pay regularly, with affable treatment.

“Inventcop Technologies” is another software company that provides employment to about 50 skilled personnel.

Naadam Organization works as the CSR arm of these two companies. Dr. Pagidipati Devaiah is pondering on conducting ‘Job Mela’ by inviting as many companies as possible by which the unemployed youth could benefit.