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About Us

NAADAM (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCEMENT OF DALITS, ADIVASIS and MINORITIES) is a non-profit, non-government voluntary organisation. NAADAM was launched in 1979 by Devaiah & Rudrama Pagidipati, noted doctors, entrepreneurs and philanthropists based out of Florida, USA. It was Devaiah’s ambition and a deep desire to pay back to the society from where he came up that led to formation of NAADAM. The prime objective of NAADAM is to support the educational aspirations of students from weaker sections of the society including socially and economically backward.

NAADAM is formed on the holistic principles of empowerment through education, equality of social status, respect for fellow humans and environment, and spirit of nationalism.

  • Education at all levels must be made available to all categories of people. Proper education and awareness alone will create responsible, mature minds leading to social, economic and technical advancement of community and country
  • Social inequality and economic backwardness must be wiped out through financial empowerment and independent livelihood.
  • Young minds at school levels must be provided with good mentorship, exposure to better living, judicious thinking towards society.
  • Feeling of oneness, erasing barriers of caste, creed and religion must be attained through broad thinking, mutual admiration, appreciation for hard work and sincerity.
  • Access to affordable healthcare facilities and treatment of life threatening diseases even to the poorest of the poor
  • Access to basic amenities like water, power, gas, transportation and communication for the underprivileged rural population.
  • Women empowerment leading to pride, respect, safety and societal acceptance on equal platform.
  • Lastly, the spirit of nationalism and paying back to the community for betterment of more lives must be imbibed in every individual who is benefited through the welfare programs.