Deputy Executive Engineer (Mining) | NLC India Limited | Neyveli | Tamilnadu

" Congratulations on your succcessful completion of studies. Also kudos for securing a lucrative job. Naadam admires and thanks you for helping another poor scholar to study "


M Priyadarshini

MBBS, 2nd year| NRI Medical College | Visakhapatnam

“For a poor girl like me, studying medicine is an unexpected privilege. But for Naadam’s financial help, I wouldn’t have joined this medical college because it is very expensive. Naadam provides me my academic, hostel, and mess fees regularly without any break for which I’m very grateful. I see a parent in Naadam. It’s not me alone that Naadam takes care of, but there are many more into whose lives, Naadam brings cheer and success. Naadam is a wonderful and a daring idea of Dr. Devaiah who is magnanimous to the poorest of the society. He’s a living legend who journeyed through several hard times and reached the height of creating a platform to his Swaeroes.”


Sudhakar Ramtenki

IIT | Kharagpur | West Bengal

“Once I completed my 10+2 education in the Government’s Social Welfare Residential school, I had neither financial support nor a direction. Then I came across the two noble men Dr. Praveen Kumar and Dr. Devaiah that dream of transforming the lives of the subjugated communities in India. NAADAM is a platform created by Drs. Devaiah and Rudrama to make a difference in the lives of the poor students. It’s their unselfish dream that designs the golden future of the enslaved for centuries in India. Their simplicity inspires, and their generosity generates worthy leaders who will pay back to the community. We Naadam scholars profusely thank them both for their concern and commitment in struggling to change the future of the schedule castes and tribes in India. We youngsters vow to strengthen their sincere dream and pass it on to the future generations to lead ….”


Mr. Eshwara rao (Couple)

P/o Ch Nagaraju | IIIT | Chittoor

“My husband and I are labourers. We can’t afford to educate our son as we are too poor. The fees that my son has to meet in the IIIT college is very high. Under such circumstances, I came to know about Naadam and its founder, Dr. Devaiah. He approved our request the moment we approached him. My son Nagaraju is now studying IIIT in Chittor. Dr. Devaiah gave a laptop to my son bringing it all the way from the USA! My son tells me that Naadam is a new energy. I’m sure that my son will have a bright future. Whatever it is, Dr. Devaiah is a fine soul. May he live long!”


Gaini Ramulu

F/o Gaini Sailu | IIT | Mumbai

“My son, Gaini Sailu is a handicapped person. He was affected by polio in his childhood, and so he became lame. Yet, he studied in the Government run Social Welfare residential college and secured an admission into IIT, Mumbai. I didn’t know much about its significance as I am illiterate. But when my son explained to me about it, I went about for debts. I found people charging high interests. Then it was Dr. Praveen Kumar IPS who directed us to Naadam where my son’s financial needs were approved at once. My family is highly grateful to Naadam.”


Mathangi Ramesh

B/o M Rajitha | KMC | Warangal

“His magnanimity manifests his princely nature. It’s Dr. Devaiah’s Foundation that helps my younger sister, Rajitha study medicine in the Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal. She is now in her 3rd year MBBS. It’s Naadam that looks after her fees release continuously without any break. My sister told me several times that it’s to Dr. Devaiah she’s indebted for her future. She will accomplish her study successfully and will certainly pay back to her community through Naadam. I’m proud of her honesty.”


M. Leelavathi

M/o M Manisha | NIT | Rourkela

“I live on tailoring. My daughter, Manisha succeeded in gaining an admission into National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. She’s an intelligent student and is capable of success. But I’ve no ancestral property to send her to NIT, Rourkela. Life is a struggle for me as I’m single. I did contemplate and pray God to show me a way. Eventually it’s Naadam that God helped me through. I took my daughter and went to Naadam office. With Naadam’s aid, she now is in NIT, Rourkela, and my daughter’s joy has no bounds. I too am very happy as she’s doing well there. I haven’t seen Dr. Devaiah or Dr. Rudrama so far. I wish to meet them and thank them from the bottom of my heart for such generous deeds.”